CXO Think Tank Vancouver | TBD | Vancouver, BC, Canada



Application Portfolio Optimization - No Need to Fret, it's Very Achievable

Executive Boardroom - 4:40 pm - 5:15 pm

We get it. The business loves their applications. And having quality, reconciled data on your portfolio is more of a puzzle then your IT business office is letting on. 

But perhaps you are under cost pressure. Or want to tell a story about centralizing IT. Perhaps through various M&As or growth you have a bit of a mess on your hands. 

We successfully removed 430 applications out of 1723 our last client had. At two of our current clients, we are helping them realize over $30M in optimization opportunity. We have proven it: You can safely optimize your application portfolio. 

  • How to perform a results oriented application portfolio analysis 
  • What are your goals and how they shape the initiative 
  • Share & discuss lessons learned on our many engagements so you have a head start
  • Get a high level roadmap on how to run these projects successfully

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